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Queensland Gold & Ghosts Locations

Queensland Gold Sites we can write a report from Gold and Ghosts on.

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Sunshine State
Brisbane Sheet
Beenleigh Area
Pimpama Creek
Brisbane Sheet
Carina, Belmont *
Cooper's Plains
East Brisbane
Mount Cotton
Mount Petrie
Mount Taylor
Ipswich Sheet
Enoggera Gold & Mineral Field & Surrounding Area
Wyangy Creek & Perseverance Prospect
Ipswich Sheet
Pine Mountain
Banks Creek Prospect .
Warwick Sheet
Canal Creek Gold Field
Leyburn Gold Field
Lucky Valley Gold & Mineral Field
Palgrave Gold field
Talgai Gold 8: Mineral Field
Thane's Creek Gold & Mineral Field
Mount Sturt & Freestone Creek
Mount Cordeaux
Warwick Sheet
Pikedale Gold & Mineral Field `
Glenelg Reef -
Goondiwindi Sheet
Macdonald (Provisional) Gold & Mineral Field
Ipswich Sheet
Alice Creek
Cambooya Gold Prospect
Eskdale Gold Field.
Highfield Diggings
Cunnamulla Eulo Sheet i
Quilpie Sheet
Moondilla Gold Field
Gympie Sheet
BarIow's Freehold
Boolournba, Peter & Bundenoo Creeks
Borgam Area
Bunya Creek Diggings
Chinaman, Waili & Kidaman Creeks
Cooran - Traveston Area
Devil’s Mountain
Glastonbury Gold Field
Gympie Gold Field
Kilkivan Gold Field
Kin Kin
Murgon Area
North Arm
Yabba Gold Field
Maryborough Sheet
Chowey Creek Gold Field
Coalstoun Lakes
Gebangle Gold Field
Glenbar Gold & Mineral Field
Marodian Gold Field
Mount Shamrock Gold Field
Mount Steadman Gold Field
Paradise Gold Field
Scotland Hills
Stanton-Harcourt Gold Field
Yorkey's Provisional Gold Field

Gympie Sheet
Kabunga Area
Milford Rocks
Mount Kilcoy
Mount Power
Nanango Gold Field
Cracow Gold & Mineral Field
Eidsvold Gold Field
McKenkey's Creek
St. John's Creek Gold Field
Monto Sheet
Barrimoon Prospect
Glandore Gold Field
Maryborough Sheet
Mount Ideal & Wild Irishman Areas
Mount Perry — West
Perry Gold Field
Reid's Creek Gold Field
Swindon‘s Prospect -
Bundaberg Sheet
Cherry Bell Area
Gaeta Gold Field
Garsorfs Gold Mining Area
Mount Bania
Mount Flori
Rosedale Prospect
Tararan Holdings
Monto Sheet
Galatea Diggings
Monto Sheet
Barmundoo (T tableland).Gold Field
Bompa Gold Field
Calliope Gold Field
Cania & Kroombit Gold Field
Maxwelton Gold Field
Milton (Norton) Gold Field
Monal Gold Field
Rodd's Bay Prospect
Rockhampton Sheet
Langmom Gold & Mineral Field
Mount Larcom Provisional Gold Field
Port Curtis Island
Rockhampton Shoot
Mount Morgan Gold Field
Bottle Tree Creek
Crow's Nest
Emu Crook Diggings
Gavial (or Crocodile) Creek Gold Field
Glen Dee (or Dee River)
Mount Victoria
Peut's, Champion, Welcome & Mount Rissen
Struck Oil
St. Gothard
True Blue
Welcome Spin
Monto Shoot
Mount Rainbow Gold & Mineral Field
Ramos Gold Field
Duaringa Shoot
Rockhampton Shoot
Canoona Gold & Mineral Field
Cawanal Gold & Mineral Field
Morinish Gold & Mineral Field
Ridgelands Gold & Mineral Field
Rosewood Gold & Mineral Field
Stanwell Gold & Mineral Field
Ulam Gold & Mineral Field
Port Clinton Sheet
Oaks View Hill
Torilla Area
Duaringa Sheet
Mount Cassidy
Paddy's Creek Alluvial Deposit
Percy Isles Sheet g
Hunter Island
Clermont Sheet
Clermont Gold & Mineral Field
Brigalow Creek & Seven Mile
Clermont South
Fiddler's Creek Area
McDonalds Flat
McDonald‘s Creek Area
Miclere Leads
Springbush Extended Gold Field
Black Ridge
Hurley's & Two-Mile Diggings
Venus Leads
Outside the Gold Field
Emerald Shoot
Mount Clifford 
Mackay Shoot
Alligator Crook Provisional Gold Field
Boothill Prospect
Cattlo Crook
Grasstroo Gold Field
Kunguni Aroa
Mount Flora Gold & Mineral Field _
Mount Mosquito Aroa
Mount Sponcor Gold & Mineral Field
Nobo (Mt. Britton) Gold Field
Sunnysido Aroa
Mount Coolon Shoot
Etmgolla Gold  field
Eungolla (Old)
Mount Gotthard
Saint Lawronco Shoot
Clivo Crook
Collaroy & Carmilla
Salt Hill ‘
Yatton Gold Field
Mount Cooton Shoot
Bimurra Provisional Gold Field
Mount Coolon Gold Field
Bowon Shoot
Burdokin Falls
Emu Plains Silver Field
Kolsoy Crook ‘
Marongo Gold Field
Mount Dangar
Mount Hector Gold Field
Mount McGuiro Aroa
Mount boolo & .Tack's Creek
Mount Wyatt Gold field and Sollhoim Mineral Field ‘
Normanby Gold Field
Charters Towers Sheet
Allandale Gold and Mineral Held
Charters Towers Gold and Mineral Field
Central Area of Charters Towers
Outside Central Area
Mount Leyshon Area
Seventy Mile Mountain Area ,
Highway Mine
Carrington Gold and Mineral Field
Mount Pleasant Provisional Gold Field
Brookville `
Central Ravenswood
Eight Mile
Fern Springs
Fish Creek and Canton Reefs
Four Mile Workings
Kirk Diggings
Mount Wright
Robey Range
Sandy Creek
Saint Paul's Area
Trieste Workings
Windsor Extended Gold Field
Townsville Sheet
Bunkers Hill Area
Far Fanning Provisional Gold Field
Grass Hut Area
Haughton Valley
Mount Success and Golden Valley
Newhaven Provisional Gold Field
Piccadilly Gold Field
Star River (Argentine) Mineral Field
Hughenden Sheet
Cape River Gold Field
Lower Cape Area
Mount Davenport
Mount Remarkable
Pentland Reefs
Springs Reefs _
Upper Cape Workings
Lolworth Creek
Mount Clearview

Mount Emu Plains
Oxley Creek Alluvial Workings
Bowen Sheet
Strathalb n Gold Field
Clarke River Sheet
Lucky Creek Gold Field
Einasleigh Sheet
Balcooma Gold Field
Gilberton Sheet
Woolgar Goldtield
Cloncurry Sheet
Cloncurry Mining Field
Duck Creek Group
Gilded Rose & Pinnacles Area
Mountain Home Group
Mount Quamby
Pumpkin Gully Area
Soldier's Cap Area
Duchess Sheet
Agate Downs Goldiield
Florence Creek Diggings
Martin‘s Creek Diggings
McKinlay Range Prospects
Top Camp & Two Mile Creek Diggings
Dobbyn Sheet
Boozer Smith's Patch
Gum Creek Diggings
Silver Ridge
Cloncurry Sheet
Bower Bird Gold Field
Mount Isa Sheet
May Downs Prospect
Urandangi Sheet
Jayah Creek
Will‘s Creek
Townsville Sheet
Magnetic Island
Mount Norman
Upper Ross River
Ayr Sheet
Burdekin Delta
Kelly‘s Mountain
Townsville Sheet
Kangaroo Hills Mineral Field
Ingham Sheet
Tin and Gold
Einasleigh Sheet c
Valley of Lagoons & Others
Innisfail Sheet i s
Battle Frere Gold Field
Eubenangee Discovery 
Jordan Creek Gold Field
North Johnstone River & Badgerys Creek
Lower Russell River Alluvial Workings
Innisfail Sheet
Mount Mascotte
Russell River Gold Field
Towalia Gold Field
Others _ _
Ingham Sheet
Rocky Creek `
Atherton Sheet
Herberton Gold and Mineral Field.
Mount Garnet
Mount Luxton
Gilberton Sheet
Etheridge Gold Field
Christmas Hill _
Gilberton Area
Mount Hogan Area `
Mount Moran Area
Percy Area
Six Mile Area
Georgetown Sheet
Forsayth Area
Georgetown Area
Green Hills Gold field
North Head Area
Oakville Gold Field
Old Oak Diggings
Einasleigh Sheet
Boran‘s Knob
Mount Adler
Oaks Gold and Mineral Field
A Cairns Sheet
Kamorunga Area
Innisfail Shoot
Mount Peter Provisional Gold field
Mulgrave Gold Field
Cairns Shoot
Mareeba Gold Field.
Atherton Shoot
Mount Wandoo
Tato Rivr Gold Field
Mossman Shoot
Chillagoo Mining Field
Cuiraghmoio Area
Cyclono Crook Area
Hodgkinson gold field
Georgetown Shoot
Esmeralda Gold field
Croydon Shoot
Croydon Gold Field
Boomerang Group
Canon River Group
Croydon Group
Croydon King Group
Empress Group
Golden Gate Group
Golden Valley Group ‘
Highland Mary Group
I-Iomoward Bound Group
Mark Twain Group
Mountain Maid Group
Sunset Group
Tabletop Group =
Tolko Mile Group
Red River Shoot
Mossman Shoot
Enterprise Mine Area
Hann River Shoot
Alico River (Philip) Gold Field
Lukinvillo — Strathlovon Area
Potallah Crook Provisional Gold Field
Mossman Shoot
Palmer River Gold Field
East Palmerville
Emu Creek Rush
Four Mile Bend, Byers town & Madden's Flat Area
Mount Madden and Sandy Creek Aiea
Cooktown Sheet
Conglomerate Workings
Jessop's Hill
Jimmy Ah Chee‘s Diggings
Starke No. 1 Gold Field
West Normanby River & Dead Dog Creek Diggings ,
Cape Melville Sheet
Noble Island
Starke No. 2 Gold Field
Ebagoola Sheet y
Hamilton (Ebagoola) Gold Field
Coen Sheet
Blue Mountains
Coen Gold and Mineral Field
Klondike & Breakfast Creek Diggings
Hayes Creek Provisional Gold Field
Lochinvar Provisional Gold Field
Rocky River Gold Field
Wenlock River (Batavia) Gold Field
Birdsville Diggings
Choc-a··Block Diggings
Lower Camp
Platteville Diggings
Cape Weymouth Sheet
Claudia River Gold and Mineral Field
Iron Range
Packers Creek
Snobby Creek
Thursday Island Mining 
Torres Strait Sheet
Horn Island Gold and Mineral Field
Possession Island

Cape Melville Sheet
Noble Island
Starke No. 2 Gold Field
Ebagoola Sheet y
Hamilton (Ebagoola) Gold Field
Coen Sheet
Blue Mountains
Coen Gold and Mineral Field
Klondike & Breakfast Creek Diggings
Hayes Creek Provisional Gold Field
Lochinvar Provisional Gold Field
Rocky River Gold Field
Wenlock River (Batavia) Gold Field
Birdsville Diggings
Choc-a··Block Diggings
Lower Camp
Platteville Diggings
Cape Weymouth Sheet
Claudia River Gold and Mineral

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